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The first hotel of Monte Bondone

The Hotel has been inaugurated the first of December 1936 by Mr. Mario Niccolini (Grandfather of the current owner) and realized amplifying a previous building named “Villa Lidia”.
It was the first Hotel of Monte Bondone.

In 1934 near the Hotel it has been realized thefirst European sledding lift.

The 28th of november 1934, the magazine “IL BRENNERO” narrated: “thirty are the beds delivered in the several rooms, heated by radiators and hot tap water” and then: “the first realization of this kind on the most loved mountain for the citizens of Trento”.

During the post-war period, the Hotel has been enlarged for several times until the 70’s and was one of the first mountain hotel to be equipped with a tennis court.

In 2013 the Hotel has been completely restructured inside, in particular the furniture of rooms, baths, the living room and the dining room. Kitchens, radiators, water-sanitary and electrical systems have been substituted also for an energy saving perspective.

In 2014, our respect for the environment has led us to install a heat generator biomass to use renewable energy sources.

News 2016: a further extension for the realization of rooms, underground garage, business center and a modern spa with indoor and outdoor swimming pool.